What ringtone do you hear when your lover calls?

Recochoku announced the results of its most recent ranking on June 17th, asking users which ringtone they set for when their boyfriend or girlfriend calls their cell phone.

Coming in first place for both men and women was YUI’s hit song, “CHE.R.RY“. Users loved how the lyrics of the song depicted the story of two people when they first fall in love, and left comments such as, “The lyrics are cute, and it’s the kind of melody that makes me excited whenever my phone goes off” and “It makes me go back to my first love and the feelings of unrequited love (before you start dating)”.

Another fun thing to note about this poll is that the rest of the top three songs in both the men and women’s categories consist of songs sung by the opposite sex.

Check out the top three below!


< What ringtone do you have set for your boyfriend? >
01. “CHE.R.RY” – YUI
02. “Orenari no Love Song” – Yusuke
03. “100kaime no ‘I love you’” – Rake

< What ringtone do you have set for your girlfriend? >
01. “CHE.R.RY” – YUI
02. “Oogoe Diamond” – AKB48
03. “Dear…” – Nishino Kana

Source: Narinari
Tip: CarEAct

Credit: Tokyohive

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