Which singers do people want to marry?

Recochoku recently revealed the results of a fun poll, asking users which artist they would consider marrying.

The poll was divided into both male and female categories. Coming in a first for men is Kobukuro’s Kobuchi Kentaro, who has claimed this title for the past four years. When asked to describe why they chose Kobuchi, voters replied, “I’d love to make a happy family with him,” “He’s kind, and that smile!!”, and “He’s overflowing with kindness, and I feel like he hasn’t changed no matter how many years have passed.” Coincidentally, fellow Kobukuro member Kuroda Shunsuke also placed in third.

First place in the female artist category was given to singer-songwriter YUI, making this the second time that she has won this title. Male voters commented, “She’ll be a good mother,” “I like how she seems like a neat freak,” and “I’d protect our family together all my life.”

Check out the top three below!

< Male Artist Ranking >
01. Kobuchi Kentaro (Kobukuro)
02. Yusuke
03. Kuroda Shunsuke (Kobukuro)

< Female Artist Ranking >
01. YUI
02. Nishino Kana
03. Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)

Source: Recochoku
Tip: Angela + LittleFallenAngel

Credit: Tokyohive

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