YUI will write two songs for live action adaptation of Paradise Kiss

YUI has been assigned to write the theme song of the movie Paradise Kiss, starred by Kitakawa Keiko.

Two songs have been written. The opening song 「HELLO~Paradise Kiss~」 and the ending, 「YOU」.

When the popular manga of Ai Yazawa (NANA) was adapted to a live action movie, YUI, being a fan of the original work, commented “The melody came to me smoothly. I have completed a song full of hope.”

The songs were played in the recording set. Kitakawa, who plays the part of the heroine, Yukari, said: “The songs have the image of the time when a girl is starting to love someone, so I used them several times as reference to play Yukari.”

Mukai Osamu, who plays the character who becomes the love companion of Yukari, George Koizumi, said “I think this songs will help young people to go towards their dreams”

YUI have written 6 songs for movies.

The single is scheduled to be released on June 1st
The movie is due for release in Japan on June 4th.

Source:  Yomiuri Online



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